Saturday, January 08, 2005

8 Months Old

Hello Emilia!

It has been awhile since I have written to you. You are almost eight months old and so much has happened! On November 20th, just a week before your first Thanksgiving you got your first tooth! You had your first cold and you and I were holed up in the bedroom with a humidifier running and cartoons playing. You put my hand in your mouth and when you chomped down... YEOUCH! That little toofer had sprung in over night it seemed.

We spent the week before Thanksgiving in California with your Grandma Susie. She was getting ready to go on her first cruise to Mexico. We had a good time, as always. Papa had to work on Thanksgiving so you and I stayed home and hung out together. We had a great time! The neighbors upstairs had friends and family over and when Papa came home at 2:00 a.m. he had to tell them to keep it down as you were fast asleep, or at least trying to be.

After Thanksgiving marked the slow work month of December for Papa so off we headed back to California! Grandma had a great time on her cruise and we were there to help her after her knee surgery. We stayed for about three weeks which was a long time to spend together as a family! Papa had to come home to work for the Christmas holiday and we didn't want to miss him on Christmas so we came home too. We had a great Christmas! You were overwhelmed with all of the presents and it took you a good week to get through them all. Papa and I got you and Leap Frog Little Touch book. Grandma Susie, Nani Emily, and your Vega family got you some wonderful things, our car was STUFFED on the way home! They said that we could leave you there but no way!!

Papa also had to work on New Year's as it is the biggest holiday weekend here in Las Vegas. You and I watched the fireworks on TV. As we were celebrating I noticed your second tooth! What a great New Year's surprise!

Within the past few weeks you have taken to crawling. You have your own unique style where you twist your left knee out and up and then push off with your toes. Just yesterday you pulled yourself up on your knees at my yarn box and started pulling out yarn. You will be my young knitting Princess. Watching you discover more and more of your world on a daily basis is so wonderful! The best decision I ever made was to stay home and watch you grow.

I love you my Pinky Poo!


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Hope to see and your family there.

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