Monday, November 08, 2004

Emi is 6 months old!

I can't believe it, today my little Emi is 6 months old. "Hello, my name is Gina and I have a six month old daughter." How cool is that!?!? And she is the coolest.

I have been reminiscing all day about different things that happened at different hours on her birthday. I can only imagine how bad I will be when she turns one!

Poor girl, today of all days her teeth have been bothering her pretty bad. I am remembering back to three months when I was just sure that she was going to be an early teether, no such thing! We haven't seen a tooth yet!

I went ahead with something I wasn't sure I wanted to do and I got Emi's ears pierced. They look really cute and so far no complications, she doesn't even notice them. In fact, when I had them done the only reason that she fussed was because I was holding her head down.

Last week we traveled to LA for Uncle T's wedding. It was a lot of fun to see Marcos' old friends. They once lived here in LV and then moved away, leaving us all alone! Marcos is so lucky to have great friends, they have all been friends for so long. He had a great time at the bachelor party and looked great in his tux as a groomsmen!

As we were leaving Marcos' mom put a box in our car. When I got home and opened it was stuffed with all kinds of beautiful yarn! I am sooo excited, it was the greatest present ever and I can't wait to start knitting with it.

Right now I am working on the Shape It! Scarf in a really pretty ribbon yarn. Ribbon yarn is not so much fun to work with! On the first ball I started it from the wrong end and had to constantly deal with tangles! The second and now the third ball are coming along pretty well.

Tomorrow Emi and I start our Groovin' babies and moms class. It should be fun!

I leave you with some recent Emi pictures. My little one is growing.


"What's that?!?!"

"Lemme See!"

Momma, do you think Papa will share his coffee?"


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