Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Same ole' , same ole'

Daily stuff:

Both Emi and I got up when Marcos went to work this morning. We hung out, watched Oprah, the Price is Right, im'd with Krista (hi Krista and Olivia!) and worked on Twinkle's travel blog.

I also im'd with my sister, who let me know that my dad's work truck was stolen last night. I figured that they probably stole it because of all of the tools that are in it. It has been broken into before, but they obviously thought it would be easier to take the whole truck this time. My mom said that he looked around the neighborhood for it to see if it had been dumped, but could not find it. While I was on the phone with her my brother was walking to school and found it just around the corner. I am guessing that whoever stole it lives in the neighboorhood, they took it somewhere far, unloaded it and then needed a ride home and dumped it within walking distance of their house. Couple this with our alternator going out and it is a bad car week!

side note: I have the Tony Danza show on for background noise, that guy is nice, but what a DORK!

After being on-line for awhile, I decided to be productive and do some dishes. Yeah me! This is when things went wrong. I loaded the washer correctly, put soap in the right place and started it only to smell burning soap a moment later. I opened the dishwasher and found that there was no water going into the machine and that the soap was burning on the heating elements. I turned the washer off, looked around the washer which is on the wall into the dining room, looked at the base board in the dining room and found this:

Now I'm sure you are wondering why I didn't notice it before, well that is where our water cooler is and I couldn't see the wall behind it. There is water damage to the base board and when I push the wall above it squishes like a sponge. I called maintenence and within 10 minutes the repairman was at my door (Great Service!). He gets the dishwasher to run with water, not sure what the problem was, but swears that the water damage is from our water cooler. He thinks that it must be leaking. Now the carpet beneath the cooler is dry, the only place where the carpet is wet is next to the baseboard and it is wet up the wall, that water cooler would have to have a pretty bad leak to make the wall squish, right??


Yesterday my sweet angel was playing in her jumper and she choked a little, she is a drama queen so she over does it a little. I looked over at her and fussed with her... "Oh no, Emi are you okay?" She gets a big grin on her face and then proceeds to cough on purpose so I would fuss over her! It was too cute so of course I had to encourge the drama queen inside of her and make her do it more. I know, I know, I am creating a monster. Maddi warned us about this!

She was so cute taking a nap and then eating her cereal last night, I just had to take some pictures! (Of course, right?)


I am working on a couple of projects right now. I started a set of matching scarfs for Olivia and Krista. I am making the same ones that I made for Ali and Emi, they turned out really cute. The only difference is on Olivia's I am only putting the purple fluff at one end. Emi's has the fluff all through it and it is just too stimulating for her. I need to frog it and fix it.

I finally got through reading my new favorite blog I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can, it took me a few days because of all of the wonderful links that she provides through out her blog, I kept getting side tracked! This lady is awesome, I love all of her projects and all I can talk and think about in the knitting mindset is learning how to knit socks! They are cool!! The other thing is this lady lives in Salt Lake City, where I was born and raised until I was 12, so I love her pictures of the city, especially the mountians.


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