Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pinky's Playroom

Today I spent the morning turning our dining room into a playroom for Emi. Because in the near future she will be mobile, I wanted a safe room just for her. I scrubbed the carpets, walls and window sills.

Here are a few pictures:

This is our old coffee table that doesn't fit in our living room anymore because of the ottoman to Marcos' chair. I figured it was the perfect height for Emi to play on. The picture on the wall above the table is one that Marcos took when he was into photographing. It was hanging in his Grandma's house. I asked for a copy of it for Emi's room and his Grandma gave me the original. I love it! The puppy windchime is from Grandma Susie!

Her Jumper Roo!! The picture to the left on the wall is actually a piece of artwork that Marcos did in Kindergarten that his mom had framed. I think that this is the cutest idea! The rose on top of it was from Marcos on our 1st Anniversary.

This is her changing table (that I never have used except to store blankets) and her swing.

This is the sign hanging over her changing table. I love it!! I found it at a cute home-made craft store here in LV.

Next to her swing is where I am going to store her stroller when we aren't using it.

I want to use these hooks for her jackets and backpack when she goes to school later, but for now I hung her stuffed animals that have hooks.


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