Monday, October 04, 2004

New Blog

I have decided to start a new blog with a new format and a new way of posting. So here goes!

I want to talk about all of things going on in our family, Emilia's daily activities and my knitting and different craft projects.


While Marcos was napping after work last night, Emi and I played until her bedtime. She is gaining more and more control of her arms and currently likes to swat at things with her right arm. We were reading and she knocked the book out of my hands a bunch of times. She loves looking into mirrors, am I creating a monster?!?!

Today I got up when Marcos went to work and hung out in the quiet until Emi joined me about an hour later. She played under her gym while watching the world wake up outside our window. After she had enough of that, she played in her Jumper Roo. I had been putting a blanket in front of her because the seat seemed too big. I didn't do that this morning and realized that without the blanket in place she could reach all of the toys on the Jumper Roo, which she really enjoyed. Mental Note: No more blanket, however, she still needs the phone book under her feet!


When we went to California a few weeks ago we visited a yarn store in Pasadena, Skein. I got my first beginners knitting book, The Knitting Experience. I love this book! I love her approach to teaching, learning only what you need at that point and not making it too complicated.

I got yarn to start the "Have Fun! Scarf" on page 30. I really like the way it turned out. The only mistake I made on the scarf is I dropped a stitch in the second row and didn't realize it until the end. I sure as heck didn't want to "frog" it because the pattern is unique in that you use a different yarn for each row, so I used the suggestion in the "Oops!" chapter and it worked wonderfully!

I started working on the "Knit Flat Hat" on page 54 to match the scarf. I am just randomly changing the yarn through out the hat. Unfortunately I am limited in my supplies (I don't have the right size needles) to make the hat so I hope that it works out okay. If not, it is really good practice. I decided after I finish the hat, whether it works out or not, I am going to use the supplies that I have to learn some different techniques without really making a project.

Here is the scarf:

I finished the first half of a poncho for Emi. I scaled down a larger child's pattern that I found for a poncho made by knitting two rectangles and then sewing them together. I just noticed that this pattern is in the book I have!

The first half is done in a really cute baby pink yarn I got from Grandma Susie. It didn't have a wrapper on it so I am not sure what it is. I really like it though, the tails have unraveled and are cute and curly so I saved enough to do a fringe on the poncho with it. I plan on taking the first half with me to the yarn store and finding another yarn to compliment it. It will be a cute little poncho when I am done.


Marcos and I had a rough night last night. Money is so tight right now and we are going to a friend's wedding at the end of the month, making it a little tighter. Yesterday after work I knew that he was going to stop for formula, fill up the water jug and grab us sodas at 7-11 so I expected him home a little late. Well he didn't get home until 2 hours after he got off of work. He left work 1/2 an hour late because it was so late, decided to go to Target for the formula instead of the grocery store on the corner and got a new pot and potting soil. Not only was I worried about him not getting home in the time frame I expected, I didn't think that a pot and potting soil was something we needed. After we talked about it he told me that he knew I was going to be mad and he dreaded coming home because of it, which was a meanie thing to say and hurt bad! He then said it made him just want to go to sleep, which he did, and I was all alone until about 10 pm. After spending all day home with the baby I really look forward to some adult interaction when he gets home.

When he woke up at 10p, we watched Boston Legal in silence then I went to bed. He came in, we talked everything out and at 2 am he was plucking my eyebrows on the couch. He did a great job, they are a little thinner than I usually go but they look pretty good. I told him he was going to have to keep them up!

Marcos is so cool about stuff like that. We decided that since I don't have to keep my hair so conservative since I don't work in an executive setting anymore, that we are going to try some fun hair dyes. We will start with semi-permanents and then if we like it take the plunge to permanent. Unlike most guys, Marcos really enjoys going shopping with me and helping me pick out things. We went to Robinson May's for the 18 hours sale in June to get me a new post-partum wardrobe and he was awesome! He held everything while I shopped, made suggestions, and was fun to be with. Then at the yarn store he helped me pick out the fourth yarn for my scarf, what a husband!!

A little catch up from the past few days:

October 1st

My letter to Emi:

You are almost 5 months old now and these past months since your birth have been

I am enjoying every moment with you and love watching you learn so many new things.
This past month you have started rolling over from your back to your tummy. You
haven't quite mastered getting back over so when you are tired of being on your
belly you YELL! at me to come and turn you over. The tip of your cute little nose
gets all red from rubbing on your blankie.

On September 29th we tried Rice Cereal again and it was a success! You ate the
whole bowl and then finished 2 oz of formula. Next week we get to try some veggies.
I have carrots waiting for that!

Also, you have started sleeping in your own bed instead of with me. I miss you! But
you are loving your own space, so I guess I will let you go. After your morning feeding you come into bed with me and we snuggle after Papa leaves for work.

Then we wake up, play, eat breakfast, take a shower for about 2 hours before you take a 3 hour afternoon nap. Then it is up again to play, eat your cereal and play until bed time.


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