Saturday, October 09, 2004

Lazy Saturday

Daily Ramble

Today we are takin' it easy. Marcos has the day off and we are just going to hang out at home and get a few projects done. Now that Emi is going to be on her way to getting more mobile I want to finish making the dining room into her playroom.

I really feel for parents of babies that cry for extended periods of time. For the most part Emi is a great baby, only cries if she is hungry, wet or bored. But last night nothing, and I mean nothing, would calm her down. She cried for two hours straight. She finally fell asleep and slept for an hour. Now usually when she wakes up she has big smiles for me, but not last night! She was a grumpy, grumpy girl! I know that most parents of babies that cry for longer than that are laughing at me for complaining!

This morning we had an early morning pow-wow on our activities for the day. We all laid in bed and talked, including Emilia. We are going to straighten up around home and we got our library card in the mail last night so I think that we will head up that way and get some fun stuff to relax with tomorrow!

Yesterday Emi wore an outfit that was given to me in a secret pal gift exchange when I was pregnant with her. It came from England! I love it, it is a velour jumper with feeties. The theme is "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon". In the pocket on the front there is a puppy and a kitty on strings for her to play with.


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