Thursday, October 07, 2004

Don't mess with routine!

Aahhh! Yesterday I had a whole post typed up, ready to publish and Emi woke and in my hurry to relieve her frustration I signed out with out publishing or saving it. Oh well, here we go again:


Emi has taken to yelling at me when she doesn't feel as if I am going as fast as I should or doing what she feels needs to be done at that exact moment. Marcos got to witness this first hand Tuesday. He has just gotten home from work and I was sitting on the couch, feeding Emi and talking to him about our day. I wasn't paying enough attention to Emi and she had decided that she had already had enough bottle, so she YELLED at me around the nipple! I can only imagine what it will be like when she actually uses words to yell at me!

Yesterday it had been one week since starting rice cereal so we got to add a veggie, we went with carrots. She lurved them!! She ate all of them (about half a bottle) and after each bite whined like a puppy girl for more!

Today Marcos doesn't go to work until later, he went to a Dr. appointment early this morning and Emi and I did our normal morning routine. When he got back we ate brunch, then decided to go back to bed for a couple of hours. Well, Miss Emi was not having that! Her morning routine was not going to be ruined, so Papa stayed in bed and Emi and I got back up and she went to her morning spot of playing under her gym and watching out the window where she promptly fell asleep!

I finished the matching scarves for Krista and Olivia. I really like the pink yarn, not sure what it is, it knits up so beautifully!

I had started on the Knit-Flat Hat, but didn't really have the right supplies (I need more needles!) so I cast off what I had done, I think it will be a cute matching scarf for Emi and I when she gets a little older.

I haven't sewn in the tails because I think I am going to add fringe so it matches mine, haven't decided yet though!

Water Cooler Watch

Well it is day 2 of the Water Cooler Watch and still no leaks! However, the carpet in the corner is still wet even after blowing it with a fan. I am going to call the maintenance guy tomorrow.


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