Monday, October 11, 2004

Emi's Eating Developments

I am so excited about Emi and her recent developments in eating. Not only is she eating jars of carrots and sweet peas, but she also has a real interest in what we are eating.

Yesterday morning we made omlettes with red peppers and bell peppers. I was holding Emi on my lap while eating and she was picking up the diced peppers that were left on my plate and was throwing them on the floor.

Later on Marcos made me a tortilla with butter and she was throwing a fit about wanting one. I let her nook on the outside of mine and she loved it!

Library Visit

Our library card came in the mail the other day so Emi and I made the trek to the library to find some fun books! It was a great walk, not too warm, just a little windy. Emilia got the following books:

Baby Knows Best
Puppy and Me: Breakfast Time
Loud Emily
Goodnight Moon
Grandma's Purple Flowers

I got Divine Secrets of the YA-YA Sisterhood. I haven't seen the movie yet so I thought I would read the book first. We also got Papa some movies.

Emi wore a cute little dress for the first time today!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pinky and her Papa

This is a collection of photos of Pinky and her Papa!

Getting Mobile!

Tonight we are hanging out, all of us doing our own thing and Emi is playing under her playgym right next to me.

She gives out a little yell and this is what I see!

Holy Cow Na Moly!! How in the heck did that happen!?!?

Emi's First Sicky

On September 21st we took Emi in for her 5 month check-up and to get vaccinations. When they took her temp it was 101.4. Both the Dr. and I agreed that it was probably due to the fact that she was teething. The Dr. suggested that we get some Tylenol to give to her to bring the fever down.

I feel extremely blessed that this was Emi first time being sick, it was no fun. I was constantly taking her temp (she would cry when I would go to change her diaper knowing that I would be taking her temp to) and giving her Tylenol every 4-6 hours. The good part was that she LOVED the cherry Tylenol. She had no problems taking it and would lose only a little bit out the sides of her mouth. At one point her fever was a little high so I laid her under her play gym in just her diaper, hoping to bring it down. My poor girl just laid there so sweetly.

Pinky's Playroom

Today I spent the morning turning our dining room into a playroom for Emi. Because in the near future she will be mobile, I wanted a safe room just for her. I scrubbed the carpets, walls and window sills.

Here are a few pictures:

This is our old coffee table that doesn't fit in our living room anymore because of the ottoman to Marcos' chair. I figured it was the perfect height for Emi to play on. The picture on the wall above the table is one that Marcos took when he was into photographing. It was hanging in his Grandma's house. I asked for a copy of it for Emi's room and his Grandma gave me the original. I love it! The puppy windchime is from Grandma Susie!

Her Jumper Roo!! The picture to the left on the wall is actually a piece of artwork that Marcos did in Kindergarten that his mom had framed. I think that this is the cutest idea! The rose on top of it was from Marcos on our 1st Anniversary.

This is her changing table (that I never have used except to store blankets) and her swing.

This is the sign hanging over her changing table. I love it!! I found it at a cute home-made craft store here in LV.

Next to her swing is where I am going to store her stroller when we aren't using it.

I want to use these hooks for her jackets and backpack when she goes to school later, but for now I hung her stuffed animals that have hooks.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Pretty Baby

These are some pictures that I took of Emilia this morning that I just totally love!

Lazy Saturday

Daily Ramble

Today we are takin' it easy. Marcos has the day off and we are just going to hang out at home and get a few projects done. Now that Emi is going to be on her way to getting more mobile I want to finish making the dining room into her playroom.

I really feel for parents of babies that cry for extended periods of time. For the most part Emi is a great baby, only cries if she is hungry, wet or bored. But last night nothing, and I mean nothing, would calm her down. She cried for two hours straight. She finally fell asleep and slept for an hour. Now usually when she wakes up she has big smiles for me, but not last night! She was a grumpy, grumpy girl! I know that most parents of babies that cry for longer than that are laughing at me for complaining!

This morning we had an early morning pow-wow on our activities for the day. We all laid in bed and talked, including Emilia. We are going to straighten up around home and we got our library card in the mail last night so I think that we will head up that way and get some fun stuff to relax with tomorrow!

Yesterday Emi wore an outfit that was given to me in a secret pal gift exchange when I was pregnant with her. It came from England! I love it, it is a velour jumper with feeties. The theme is "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon". In the pocket on the front there is a puppy and a kitty on strings for her to play with.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Don't mess with routine!

Aahhh! Yesterday I had a whole post typed up, ready to publish and Emi woke and in my hurry to relieve her frustration I signed out with out publishing or saving it. Oh well, here we go again:


Emi has taken to yelling at me when she doesn't feel as if I am going as fast as I should or doing what she feels needs to be done at that exact moment. Marcos got to witness this first hand Tuesday. He has just gotten home from work and I was sitting on the couch, feeding Emi and talking to him about our day. I wasn't paying enough attention to Emi and she had decided that she had already had enough bottle, so she YELLED at me around the nipple! I can only imagine what it will be like when she actually uses words to yell at me!

Yesterday it had been one week since starting rice cereal so we got to add a veggie, we went with carrots. She lurved them!! She ate all of them (about half a bottle) and after each bite whined like a puppy girl for more!

Today Marcos doesn't go to work until later, he went to a Dr. appointment early this morning and Emi and I did our normal morning routine. When he got back we ate brunch, then decided to go back to bed for a couple of hours. Well, Miss Emi was not having that! Her morning routine was not going to be ruined, so Papa stayed in bed and Emi and I got back up and she went to her morning spot of playing under her gym and watching out the window where she promptly fell asleep!

I finished the matching scarves for Krista and Olivia. I really like the pink yarn, not sure what it is, it knits up so beautifully!

I had started on the Knit-Flat Hat, but didn't really have the right supplies (I need more needles!) so I cast off what I had done, I think it will be a cute matching scarf for Emi and I when she gets a little older.

I haven't sewn in the tails because I think I am going to add fringe so it matches mine, haven't decided yet though!

Water Cooler Watch

Well it is day 2 of the Water Cooler Watch and still no leaks! However, the carpet in the corner is still wet even after blowing it with a fan. I am going to call the maintenance guy tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Same ole' , same ole'

Daily stuff:

Both Emi and I got up when Marcos went to work this morning. We hung out, watched Oprah, the Price is Right, im'd with Krista (hi Krista and Olivia!) and worked on Twinkle's travel blog.

I also im'd with my sister, who let me know that my dad's work truck was stolen last night. I figured that they probably stole it because of all of the tools that are in it. It has been broken into before, but they obviously thought it would be easier to take the whole truck this time. My mom said that he looked around the neighborhood for it to see if it had been dumped, but could not find it. While I was on the phone with her my brother was walking to school and found it just around the corner. I am guessing that whoever stole it lives in the neighboorhood, they took it somewhere far, unloaded it and then needed a ride home and dumped it within walking distance of their house. Couple this with our alternator going out and it is a bad car week!

side note: I have the Tony Danza show on for background noise, that guy is nice, but what a DORK!

After being on-line for awhile, I decided to be productive and do some dishes. Yeah me! This is when things went wrong. I loaded the washer correctly, put soap in the right place and started it only to smell burning soap a moment later. I opened the dishwasher and found that there was no water going into the machine and that the soap was burning on the heating elements. I turned the washer off, looked around the washer which is on the wall into the dining room, looked at the base board in the dining room and found this:

Now I'm sure you are wondering why I didn't notice it before, well that is where our water cooler is and I couldn't see the wall behind it. There is water damage to the base board and when I push the wall above it squishes like a sponge. I called maintenence and within 10 minutes the repairman was at my door (Great Service!). He gets the dishwasher to run with water, not sure what the problem was, but swears that the water damage is from our water cooler. He thinks that it must be leaking. Now the carpet beneath the cooler is dry, the only place where the carpet is wet is next to the baseboard and it is wet up the wall, that water cooler would have to have a pretty bad leak to make the wall squish, right??


Yesterday my sweet angel was playing in her jumper and she choked a little, she is a drama queen so she over does it a little. I looked over at her and fussed with her... "Oh no, Emi are you okay?" She gets a big grin on her face and then proceeds to cough on purpose so I would fuss over her! It was too cute so of course I had to encourge the drama queen inside of her and make her do it more. I know, I know, I am creating a monster. Maddi warned us about this!

She was so cute taking a nap and then eating her cereal last night, I just had to take some pictures! (Of course, right?)


I am working on a couple of projects right now. I started a set of matching scarfs for Olivia and Krista. I am making the same ones that I made for Ali and Emi, they turned out really cute. The only difference is on Olivia's I am only putting the purple fluff at one end. Emi's has the fluff all through it and it is just too stimulating for her. I need to frog it and fix it.

I finally got through reading my new favorite blog I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can, it took me a few days because of all of the wonderful links that she provides through out her blog, I kept getting side tracked! This lady is awesome, I love all of her projects and all I can talk and think about in the knitting mindset is learning how to knit socks! They are cool!! The other thing is this lady lives in Salt Lake City, where I was born and raised until I was 12, so I love her pictures of the city, especially the mountians.

Monday, October 04, 2004

New Blog

I have decided to start a new blog with a new format and a new way of posting. So here goes!

I want to talk about all of things going on in our family, Emilia's daily activities and my knitting and different craft projects.


While Marcos was napping after work last night, Emi and I played until her bedtime. She is gaining more and more control of her arms and currently likes to swat at things with her right arm. We were reading and she knocked the book out of my hands a bunch of times. She loves looking into mirrors, am I creating a monster?!?!

Today I got up when Marcos went to work and hung out in the quiet until Emi joined me about an hour later. She played under her gym while watching the world wake up outside our window. After she had enough of that, she played in her Jumper Roo. I had been putting a blanket in front of her because the seat seemed too big. I didn't do that this morning and realized that without the blanket in place she could reach all of the toys on the Jumper Roo, which she really enjoyed. Mental Note: No more blanket, however, she still needs the phone book under her feet!


When we went to California a few weeks ago we visited a yarn store in Pasadena, Skein. I got my first beginners knitting book, The Knitting Experience. I love this book! I love her approach to teaching, learning only what you need at that point and not making it too complicated.

I got yarn to start the "Have Fun! Scarf" on page 30. I really like the way it turned out. The only mistake I made on the scarf is I dropped a stitch in the second row and didn't realize it until the end. I sure as heck didn't want to "frog" it because the pattern is unique in that you use a different yarn for each row, so I used the suggestion in the "Oops!" chapter and it worked wonderfully!

I started working on the "Knit Flat Hat" on page 54 to match the scarf. I am just randomly changing the yarn through out the hat. Unfortunately I am limited in my supplies (I don't have the right size needles) to make the hat so I hope that it works out okay. If not, it is really good practice. I decided after I finish the hat, whether it works out or not, I am going to use the supplies that I have to learn some different techniques without really making a project.

Here is the scarf:

I finished the first half of a poncho for Emi. I scaled down a larger child's pattern that I found for a poncho made by knitting two rectangles and then sewing them together. I just noticed that this pattern is in the book I have!

The first half is done in a really cute baby pink yarn I got from Grandma Susie. It didn't have a wrapper on it so I am not sure what it is. I really like it though, the tails have unraveled and are cute and curly so I saved enough to do a fringe on the poncho with it. I plan on taking the first half with me to the yarn store and finding another yarn to compliment it. It will be a cute little poncho when I am done.


Marcos and I had a rough night last night. Money is so tight right now and we are going to a friend's wedding at the end of the month, making it a little tighter. Yesterday after work I knew that he was going to stop for formula, fill up the water jug and grab us sodas at 7-11 so I expected him home a little late. Well he didn't get home until 2 hours after he got off of work. He left work 1/2 an hour late because it was so late, decided to go to Target for the formula instead of the grocery store on the corner and got a new pot and potting soil. Not only was I worried about him not getting home in the time frame I expected, I didn't think that a pot and potting soil was something we needed. After we talked about it he told me that he knew I was going to be mad and he dreaded coming home because of it, which was a meanie thing to say and hurt bad! He then said it made him just want to go to sleep, which he did, and I was all alone until about 10 pm. After spending all day home with the baby I really look forward to some adult interaction when he gets home.

When he woke up at 10p, we watched Boston Legal in silence then I went to bed. He came in, we talked everything out and at 2 am he was plucking my eyebrows on the couch. He did a great job, they are a little thinner than I usually go but they look pretty good. I told him he was going to have to keep them up!

Marcos is so cool about stuff like that. We decided that since I don't have to keep my hair so conservative since I don't work in an executive setting anymore, that we are going to try some fun hair dyes. We will start with semi-permanents and then if we like it take the plunge to permanent. Unlike most guys, Marcos really enjoys going shopping with me and helping me pick out things. We went to Robinson May's for the 18 hours sale in June to get me a new post-partum wardrobe and he was awesome! He held everything while I shopped, made suggestions, and was fun to be with. Then at the yarn store he helped me pick out the fourth yarn for my scarf, what a husband!!

A little catch up from the past few days:

October 1st

My letter to Emi:

You are almost 5 months old now and these past months since your birth have been

I am enjoying every moment with you and love watching you learn so many new things.
This past month you have started rolling over from your back to your tummy. You
haven't quite mastered getting back over so when you are tired of being on your
belly you YELL! at me to come and turn you over. The tip of your cute little nose
gets all red from rubbing on your blankie.

On September 29th we tried Rice Cereal again and it was a success! You ate the
whole bowl and then finished 2 oz of formula. Next week we get to try some veggies.
I have carrots waiting for that!

Also, you have started sleeping in your own bed instead of with me. I miss you! But
you are loving your own space, so I guess I will let you go. After your morning feeding you come into bed with me and we snuggle after Papa leaves for work.

Then we wake up, play, eat breakfast, take a shower for about 2 hours before you take a 3 hour afternoon nap. Then it is up again to play, eat your cereal and play until bed time.

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